What Single Page App example do you want to see for ORY Kratos?

We want to provide you with a Single Page App example for ORY Kratos, similar to https://github.com/ory/kratos-selfservice-ui-node . We are however not sure if we should use ReactJS or keep it simple with some good old JQuery. What do you prefer?

  • React SPA Example
  • JQuery Example

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vuejs please :slight_smile: React is dead!


Sorry, these two are the only options available for support from our side. Let’s not make this a framework war/discussion. I can also easily find at least as many people who contradict that opinion, but that’s not what this thread is about.


Im Angular developer. I dont know React =\

Do you feel that something like this would be explanatory enough though?

const LoginPage = ({ router }) => {
  const request = kratos.getLoginRequest(router.params.request)
  return (
      <form action={request.methods.password.action}>

It’s really about understanding the concept rather than cloning the react app itself!


Do you have a timeline in mind as for when the example would be ready?

Unfortunately we don’t give out timelines for open source projects. We will probably start with some documentation first.

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I do work on React, happy to have a look and help before ready for public consumption if it’s useful for you guys


I’m a React developer but maybe is better to leave things simple in that case. I would suggest VanillaJS or jQuery just to understand the concept: watch network requests and which info we must save in local storage. I can help to write with some guidance.

I really cant wait to see that example! when more or less it will be released ? Is there any way to contribute ?

I have a one more question, login/registration forms will be coded in react or app will be redirecting to the kratos login page ?

They will be coded in react

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