What services i need?

Hey guys i am very new to rhe whole ory framework. Also i am not very deep in this whole oauth thing. I know how it works in theory but never build such a service be myself.

So my question is: whitch one i need for my case?

My case i have an golang webapp (golang backend, angular frontend). There is an own user model and authentication and autorisation we handle over jwt.

So i like to take this on the next level. I like that the user model stays in my app but i like to handle autentication and access maybe on an external service (dont know what makes sense)… .

What i dont get at the moment is if i have my own jwt and i wanne give additional facebook-, google- and so on logins, how can i handle that with one logic??

I like have to have one management tool where there is for example an abstraction for the whole security thing (authentication, authorization) and o e for the real usermodel with his propertirs and su object. This can be connected with the “authentication profile”

Something like dotNet IdentityServer.

My goal is not tho provide thirdparty plugins an oauth access and so on. (maybe later)

But at the moment i just wanna have:

User register, login, manage (crud) his own stuff, can buy others users stuff and so on.

So which of the ora libaries i need here?