Using Oathkeeper with hydra


My requirement is to use oauth2_introspection in oathkeeper . I want to use hydra as my introspection URL. Is this possible to do? If so how do I need to configure config.yml file for oathkeeper.


Yes. Set up the introspection_url and point it to Hydra’s introspection URL.


After running hydra with --dangerous-force-http i could connect to hydra from oathkeepr.But when i tried the introspection from oathkeepr to hyda im getting 403 exception. I just generated the token and it should be valid. What is the default active time for a access token in hydra ? Im getting following error in hydra log.

level=error msg=“An error occurred” debug=": not_found" description=“The request could not be authorized” error=request_unauthorized hint=“Check that you provided valid credentials in the right format.”

And in oathkeeper log following error is shown.
time=“2019-07-04T16:22:25Z” level=warning msg=“Access request denied” access_url=“http://localhost:4455/test/a” error=“Access credentials are not sufficient to access this resource” granted=false
time=“2019-07-04T16:22:25Z” level=error msg=“An error occurred while handling a request” code=403 debug= details=“map[]” error=“Access credentials are not sufficient to access this resource” reason=“Access token i says token is not active” request-id= status=403

How can i check whether this token is actually in hydra as a active token ?
@arekkas Do you have any other troubleshooting methods for this issue?

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