Users table in Hydra

I just wondering, how Hydra knows users creds? I mean, does there specific table schema I should follow to make sure that Hydra works well?


This is well documented:

I didn’t see anything related to database/tables.
to clarify my question, I’m asked about:“how should I design my user table to be compatible with Hydra?”
this part of Hydra is very ambiguous to me, at least.

thank you.

Ok, I get it now. my own Login Provider is who manage this part.

Right, I see - that really depends on your definition of users. Hydra doesn’t make any assumptions there (well you need a user ID of course), which is the beauty of it. If you’re looking for a user management / ID system, check our ORY Kratos. In my experience, 99% of devs building a new system don’t actually need OAuth2, which is a very heavy and complicated protocol, but instead want to solve login/registration for a mobile/spa/web app with some SSO capabilities. Kratos can do that for you!

Thank you for your response.
What I really do is that I have many platforms, and want to make one account for all of theme. Let say, I’m Google and have (youtube, photos, …etc) and want my users to use one account on all of these platforms.
I think the right decisions is use Hydra, right?

Not necessarily, you’d use ORY Hydra if you want to have “Sign in with Google”. ORY Kratos isn’t really good at dealing with multi-domain right now but it’s on the roadmap. If you have some time to develop the system before you go into production it might be worth a shot!

We will support “Sign in with Google” in our platforms. the main problem we facing is that we need one account for all our platforms… we can develop such that system, but it will take time and we don’t have that… so we see Hydra is the best solution for our problem. Since we will implement our Login provider, and Hydra will manage the session cross our platforms.

Sorry, I think you misunderstood - what I meant was, if you want to become like Google with “Sign in with Google” (or rather Sign in with “Your Startup”) then Hydra is a good choice! Otherwise, Kratos might be a better solution for you because it stores the users, does registration, account recovery, 2fa, and all of that.