UserInfo end point on the 1.0.0

I am using the hydra 1.0.0-beta.2 version.
I have created the client using the below command.
docker exec -it hydra_hydra_1
hydra clients create
–endpoint http://localhost:4444
–id client2
–secret clientsecret2
–grant-types authorization_code,refresh_token
–response-types code,id_token,token
–scope openid,offline

Login Accept request :
URL : PUT /oauth2/auth/requests/login/7160ad174789409696f41e5e0e98f61c/accept
Body : {“acr”:null,“remember”:false,“subject”:“[email protected]:id:name”,“remember_for”:0}

Consent Accept Request :
URL : PUT /oauth2/auth/requests/consent/8d44ce3d6a9b4c7dbedea9facad89f9b/accept
Body : {“remember”:false,“remember_for”:0 “grant_scope”:[“openid”,“offline”]}

After receiving the auth code from the call back url

The response from introspect is empty and If I use the rest client I am receiving 401 error code.

I am missing some parameters or the config. Can you point me where I did the mistake.

You do know that you have to exchange the authorize code for an access token, right?

Thank you for the reply, which API should I use for retrieving the token?
Is it /oauth2/token?
Could you also give me the parameters required.

Please use a library for this, there are plenty available for every programming language out there.

Thank you for the Information. I am able to get the token and user info .