Use request header in remote_json or keto_engine_acp_ory

Client sending “X-Space” header in request. So I want to use that header in keto_engine_acp_ory Authorizer for construction of the required_action and required_resource.

But it’s throwing error that regarding “-”.

So I removed “-” from the header so now header became only “space” and still it’s not working
It sending “[]” instead of header value.

Error with using “-” in header
"error": {
"code": 500,
"message": "template: ee7bf07b822edce5eaec7bf8b96115b314a1ce04750c1a2dfcc56ce012d6c245:1: bad character U+002D '-'"

Could you open a bug report for this?

Yes, I will create 2 bug reports,

one for issue of “-” and another one for using header in oathkeeper in keto_engine_acp_ory