The latest version of ORY Kratos (v.0.5) has problem using PostgreSQL while migration


I want using user invitation link feature on the latest version of ORY Kratos (v.0.5). But, there’s problem while migrating data into PostgreSQL database.

The error log said Unable to initialize persister, unsupported dialect sqlite3 even though I’m using PostgreSQL, not SQLite 3.

Here is my configuration on my docker-compose file:

There were no problem when I was using the previous version (0.4.0) with same docker-compose configuration. Am I missed something on the latest version documentation?

This should be fixed with the current release (I think 0.5.4) of ORY Kratos. Make sure to upgrade!

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Oh, yes! It’s said Successfully applied SQL migrations! when using v0.5.4.

And now I can use user invitation link feature, thanks!