Should we migrate to GH Discussions?

Hello lovely ORY Community :slight_smile:

We are currently thinking about abandoning our good old discourse forum and migrating to Github Discussions. We would keep the Slack channel open in any case.

The discourse forum is working, but it means some effort for us to maintain and update, also run it on our own server. The upside is also that we are independent from github in this regard.

Github Discussions has a really neat UI, is very easy to find, since most of of stuff lives on github as well and you don’t need an extra account (assuming that most people here have a Github account).

Should ORY Community migrate to Github Discussions?
  • Yes, Github Discussions is great!
  • No, I really enjoy the current forum/don’t (want) to use github.
  • I don’t care either way, as long as there is some forum.

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