Setting up Prometheus


We’re attempting to setup Prometheus to record metrics from our Hydra instance. It appears that added support for Prometheus. Initially that PR provided some additional metrics (sts_requests_total and sts_response_time_seconds) but the decision was made to not include them.

I can see the default metrics if I hit :4445/metrics/prometheus, so I can verify the endpoint is not including sts_requests_total and sts_response_time_seconds.

sts_requests_total and sts_response_time_seconds are the metrics we need :neutral_face:

What would be the best way for us to include them? I’m unsure of the proposed path put forward in the PR - we could obviously just grab the source, add the removed metrics back into the middleware (the comments are still there) but I wanted to check that I understand everything correctly :slight_smile:

Happy to discuss ideas in an issue/PR. Generally open to adding more metrics, there’s even an issue for that :slight_smile:

Fantastic :slight_smile: I’ll take the discussion over to that issue (and I’m happy to make a PR for it) :+1: