Self-Service Login flow's payload doesn't change with Identity Schema

I came across this on the doc.

In contrast to the Registration sequence, this payload does not change when the Identity JSON Schema changes

Just wondering why? When I make the UI for login flow, I basically have to partially ignore the kratos payload? e.g. I’d like the identifier field to be an email field instead of text field.

Any help will be great and I’d be more than happy to dump the info I gathered here into the doc later.

Here is some information on what up/downsides the different identifiers have: click.

Here is the JSON Schema for using email address as the login identifier: click

As to why the login payload does not change when the Identity JSON Schema changes, I’ll have to get back to you later/refer this to hackerman :slight_smile: .

Changing an identity schema is something that does not happen very often. Actually, it probably only happens during development. Managing the complexity of updating all the requests for that schema is quite large, and therefore not implemented.


Thanks hackerman, But I feel this statement can apply to Registration flow as well. Is there any particular reason that registration and login flow are treated differently here?