Retrieving jwt with ORY Hydra and ORY Oathkeeper setup

My current setup works as follows:

  1. I retrieve an access token from the quickstart setup given by ORY Hydra (no ORY oathkeeper involvement yet).
  2. I send a request to my service which uses ORY Oathkeeper as the reverse proxy and my service simply returns the request headers as response.
  3. On analyzing the jwt on, I found that I can’t find any user information on it.

My rules.json handlers are as follows:

 "authenticators": [{ "handler": "noop" }],
    "authorizer": { "handler": "allow" },
    "mutators": [
        "handler": "id_token",
          "jwks_url": "file:///jwks.json"

Your authenticator is set to noop which does not do any authentication at all, which is why the sub field is empty. You probably want the OAuth2 Token Introspection there!

Thanks for the help. It’s up and running