[React Example] A Kratos & Hydra example using React

I have create an example using React, Hydra and Kratos. Please take a look!



Damn, that’s cool!

There seems to be a bug in your program. It’s impossible to access the login page. Five seconds and a refresh.
Sorry for bad English.

I had a similar problem due to the documentation. Try to create a hydra client:

I think this is what I used:
docker-compose -f example/docker-compose.yml exec hydra \
    hydra clients create \
    --endpoint \
    --id absolem-ui \
    --secret this-is-the-primary-secret \
    --callbacks \
  --grant-types authorization_code,refresh_token \
  --response-types code,id_token \
  --scope openid,offline,profile:read,email

Off-topic: The example is good but due to the abstraction is not the best for beginners to follow what’s happening, I hope the new react example will be simpler to follow without much redirection in the code.

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