Re run the CLI command for generating access token

I have followed this link for our own OAuth server after executing the last command which is

--network hydraguide \
  -p 9010:9010 \
  oryd/hydra:v1.0.0-beta.8 \
  token user \
    --port 9010 \
    --auth-url \
    --token-url http://ory-hydra-example--hydra:4444/oauth2/token \
    --client-id another-consumer \
    --client-secret consumer-secret \
    --scope openid,offline \

Setting up home route on
Setting up callback listener on
Press ctrl + c on Linux / Windows or cmd + c on OSX to end the process.
If your browser does not open automatically, navigate to:

so, first-time access token generated but if I want to generate the second time than I have to re-run this command I don’t know why? I have to re-run it or is there a better option available than this one.

Because this is just to get you started, like for a tutorial. This is not to be used in production or stuff like that.

what should I need to do for a production side? because I am working on a server side.

Use what you normally would for performing OAuth2.