Possible to require Hydra Oauth2 client to use Google SSO?

Hi! I’m new to Hydra/ORY/Oauth2 and am trying to discern if it is possible to create and configure an Oauth2 client that I create in Hydra to somehow enforce using the Google SSO flow? My current understanding is that this is not possible and that all sign in-related behavior is dealt with by ORY Kratos, but I was wondering if there was someway to potentially configure a client’s callback URL to point to Google SSO?

Our use case is that we want all users that authenticate via one of our Oauth2 clients to sign in via Google SSO. If I am obviously conflating 2 separate auth flows, calling that out is helpful too!

So you want an OAuth2 flow which uses Google as the “identity source”? Do you need your own profile management and stuff, or do you not really care about that?

Yeah, Google would be the identity source. Not sure what you mean by profile management. It also feels weird to me in my original suggestion of how I was thinking of setting things up since I would be making use of 2 Oauth clients, just one of those clients would be managed by Google. Seems excessive

Hm not sure, maybe https://github.com/kratos is a better fit for you?

I was thinking the same, thanks!

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