Pass cookies to and from Hydra

Our Clients are Authenticated through access tokens stored in cookies. So when I am doing a client OAuth flow and calling hydra: (hydraServer) oauth2/auth?response_type=code&client_id=clientId&scope=offline&state=Somestateid&redirect_uri=callbackurl

If I add cookies to this call will Hydra send the cookies to the login/consent? If not I can already authenticate the user before this call. Is there a way to tell Hydra that the user is authenticated when starting the auth process?

Hydra controls authentication sessions. While you can tell Hydra to sign people out, you can not mess with the cookies themselves. If you want to control login behaviour, do that in your login app.

Okay thanks I totally understand that. SO my next question would be what other urlParams can I send hydra via oauth2/auth ? can I send subject, skip or oidc_context or is there any url parameter that I can send to hydra that I would have access to in the login when calling the get (hydraServer)/oauth2/auth/requests/login?login_challenge=[loginChallenge]