Ory product strategy and pricing



I don’t know if it’s the good place to discuss about that, but I think it could be really nice to have a clear view about this point. Maybe explained on the Ory website then.

I’m just discovering Ory open source projects (hydra, oathkeeper, …) and it seem really awesome. I’m analysing if this solution could be fit to our needs in my company and one important aspect of this analyse will be the robustness of Ory company which back the projects.

Indeed, despite you make a really impressive work, I can’t figure out how Ory company get money and will continue to build these products.
I guess, you will create an enterprise/professional plan offering support, a best tooling and so on but there no mention of that.

Could you give us more information about your product strategy and pricing ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


We’re building a cloud product which is in testing phase with select companies


Thank you for your quick response,

Good news for this product ! A cloud product upon Hydra, Keto and OathKeeper I presume ?

To give you more context, I’m CTO in a french startup building banking stuffs and the security will be one of the corner stone obviously.
I really like what you already done with Ory. I’m really concerns to have the best state of art security solutions, and I guess you too. Maybe, we could talk more about this product ?
Moreover, my company will be not live before one year (we have lot of work in front of us), that’s give us lot of time to test the product.


That could be a good fit, you’ll have a PN in your inbox shortly!