Ory hydra in kubernetes


I am trying to deploy ory hydra in kubernetes, the problem is when I am creating client inside running pod(hydra container) its stating that clients create command is unknown for hydra.

can anyone help me with this!!

below is the job I am trying to run once hydra and postgres are up

below is my job template, please correct me where I am wrong

      command: ["hydra"]
      #args: ["clients create", "--endpoint", "--id gitea-client", "--secret secret", "--grant-types authorization_code,refresh_token", "--response-types code,id_token", "--scope openid,offline", "--callbacks"]
      #command: ["hydra"]
      #args: ["token user", "--client-id gitea-client", "--client-secret secret", "--endpoint", "--port 5555", "--scope openid,offline"]
      # command: ["hydra"]
        - hydra clients create;
          --id gitea-client;
          --secret secret;
          --grant-types authorization_code,refresh_token;
          --response-types code,id_token;
          --scope openid,offline;
      # - token user
      #   --client-id gitea-client
      #   --client-secret secret
      #   --endpoint
      #   --port 5555
      #   --scope openid,offline

Have you seen our helm charts? http://github.com/ory/k8s Maybe they can help


thank you for the response, I solved the problem and created the kubernetes workflow.

just in case, if you want to check, here is my repo https://github.com/DKImprowised/Learning/tree/master/kubernetes-gitea-ingress/work

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Good job!

Thank You:)