Open ID Connect using PS256 as client_assertion algorithm

Hi, i want to use the PS256 for client_assertion. but the application is giving error as it expects the RS256. Please suggest how to configure the hydra to use the PS256 for client_assertion


Hi, please provide more information on what you did, with what software, what version of the software, logs, config files.

Hi, I have used Hydra Server v1.4.5. I am running the Hydra server with default configuration. .hydra.yml is blank. When I invoke the token end point, i am using client_assertion_type and client_assertion. I have passed the client_assertion JWT with algorithm PS256. But the token end point giving the error stating the algorithm has to be RS256. Then I changed the JWT with RS256 algorithm and it is working fine.
My question is that how will I configure the Hydra server to accept the PS256 based JWT in the client_assertion when invoking the token endpoint.


It appears that, while the code supports PS256 and others, the client definition currently hardcodes the RS256 requirement. Could you open an issue in ORY Hydra?