Oidc_context always empty?

Hi all, when calling GetConsentRequest in the sdk I would expect to get some info in oidc_context. I am currently interested in using id_token_hint_claims so I can preset the last selection of accepted scopes when the user wants to change authorizations (i.e. prompt=consent). I seem to get always an empty oidc_context. Do I have to enable this somehow?

  1. Are you providing an id_token_hint to the request?
  2. You can try if the oidc_context works by setting &ui_locales=foo to the authorization url (/oauth2/auth?..)
  1. No. I see now that this will be the missing link, thanx!

I have tried both, oidc_context is still empty. I am using the golang SDK, might this be the problem?

Could you share the oauth2 auth url (/oauth2/auth?...)?

I use this one to show the consent dialog again:


Hm yeah that’s weird, could you open an issue on GH for this?