OAuth2///google authentication

Hello I am looking for some guides / confirmation if this is possible:

Basically I have a unity client and I want to login with google/apple/facebook and whatever other openid capable service. I need to use ssl for facebook and probably better to anyways…Anyways I was thinking to have the flow go like
client -> open browser for consent with redirect URI to hydra server - hydra server requests to google requesting the id_token and hydra passes the JWT back to the client ( the hydra -> client will need a socket open for this - the client will poll for the data)

client -> requests the data and such from Hydra - hydra does the work of getting that id_token and providing the consent and then passes it to the client - that socket will already exist and remain opened while Hydra and google get the token - then close off when the JWT is provided to the client…

I am having a hard time trying to get a grip on configuring these scenarios and if hydra is needed or if i should use oathkeeper or if i should just use a seperate nodejs or javascript and just handle the calls with just customer ajax calls.

If anyone has any recommendation or experience on this would be greatly appreciated


Still stuck?