Multisite single hydra instance support

Hi, we have a site that is served under various locale domains site .com, uk .site .co, site .nl, site .es, site .mx…+50 more, docs mention that hydra needs a login url (and other urls) to init auth_code oauth login flow, based on Best practise to support subdomain-based multi-tenancy seems like relative paths are no longer supported and full login domain url has to be specified, is there a way to avoid having multiple hydra instances supporting this where the login service & users are the same for all sites and living under /login path for all? (e.g. site .com/login, .co/login)

The proper way of doing this would be to have one authZ server/domain and one login server/domain. The other websites would then simply call that one server instead of esch on their own domain, which is what OAuth is for. If you want true multi-tenancy (individual oauth2 clients per domain, …) you need multiple deployments.

Another option is to have a redirect in your login app to the login app of the domain. You control it, you can program whatever you want.