Mobile app screenshot example before you start OAuth2?

Hi all,

I’m familiar with OAuth2 and PCKE etc. and am following

My question is does anyone have an example app screenshot to point me at for what the apps first screen would look like? I’m using this for the AppAuth part but in the blog post on the ory website, it states:

Typically, mobile apps are first-party (written by the company’s developers) clients. Product managers and designers want to keep the user experience clean. It is not uncommon that developers are asked to present the user with an in-app login screen (“Please enter your username and password”) which exchanges those credentials for a token which allows the app to access some APIs. In the context of OAuth2, this is usually achieved using the OAuth2 Resource Owner Password Credentials Flow.

So what should your Apps first screen look like before you redirect them to the /login page I maintain to do the authenticating my users and requesting consent?


I suppose just a login button when it’s needed? Like the bottom of:

Yes, typically a button or some logic that opens the browser when you’re not signed in (similar to a redirect in web apps)

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