Migration failed

I deployed hydra with k8s, but the following problems occasionally occur. What causes this? Thank you

Can you provide some additional information such as what were you trying to do when the error occurred, additional log files, the software version, your configuration or other pieces of the puzzle?

hydra: v1.1.0 (now in my service)
database: mysql
k8s log: init containers(hydra-automigrate) migration failed
hydra waiting to start
chart: https://k8s.ory.sh/helm/hydra.html

sufficient disk space
use ‘helm install’ to deploy hydra
migration failure is not often
should I increase the hydra version or any other suggestions

Please provide at least some information on your set up, configuration, and so on. You are upgrading, but from which version to which other version? How is one supposed to help if the information provided is only the error message?

I modified the chart to specify the nodeport port number
Only did these
Then when my service is installed, hydra will be deployed with a script