Login_hint available at Login provider at first login_challenge?

Hi all,

In other docs I’ve read, the login hint from the client app is used to pre-populate the login form, ie your email.

Is that what you can use it for? I don’t think it comes back from a login_challenge?


I think I mean login_hint:

I see it comes back here:

but mine is empty. My appauth client is sending a login hint:

  "oidc_context": {
    "acr_values": [
    "display": "string",
    "id_token_hint_claims": {
      "property1": {},
      "property2": {}
    "login_hint": "string",
    "ui_locales": [

I’m just not looking!!! It’s there on the first login_challenge. Leaving this up for others:

  'oidc_context' => {
                      'login_hint' => '[email protected]'
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