Login challenge

as far as I understood. one creates a challenge, which in turn is stored on a mysql/postgres instance
by querying “GET oauth2/auth/requests/login?login_challenge=%s” for example.

while %s could be anything representing the challenge.

It seems I cannot create a challenge as I am confronted with such error:

{“error”:“Not Found”,“error_description”:“Unable to located the requested resource”,“status_code”:404,“request_id”:""}

the logs show the request like this:


I am using the 5 minute tutorial and the docker-compose quickstart.yml as basis and
using the https://www.ory.sh/hydra/docs/implementing-consent/ as documentation.

the login challenge endpoint is predetermined by the Quickstart.yaml file in the root folder of the project.
correcting it allows you to connect to the shipped demo login provider for testing purposes