List Consent for a subject is not working correctly

Doing the get call to https://[hydra admin]/oauth2/auth/sessions/consent?subject=[subjectId] doesn’t match what is in the database table hydra_oauth2_access.
I know that we don’t want to show consent for the same client twice but I am hitting an issue where I have a user account that consent access for a client and that client has successfully made calls to our api. Yet when I do the above call it returns [] as in no client consent. other than the hydra_oauth_access table with the active column set to 1 what is checked? How can I trouble shoot this issue? I have two environments setup and in one there is only one client and it seems to be working. In the other environment there were a bunch of test clients that were working once we setup a new client and used it no consent data showed up for the new client even though it is working correctly. I deleted all the old clients through the API but that didn’t help matters. I noticed all the tables get cleaned up when a client is deleted except for hydra_oauth2_consent_request. Should I clean that table manually?

Thank you for opening this - could you provide some examples or log files or (obfuscated) rows to illustrate the issue? That would help a lot!

Also feel free to migrate this to GitHub as notifications here are kinda broken sometimes for me.

What I found that solved my issue was when accepting the consent the following settings need to be set to remember=1 and remember_for = 0 for the consent to be counted when calling /oauth2/auth/sessions/consent/{user} . I had an issue earlier where remembering the login was causing issues. But I need to set remember for consent.

Ok yeah, only if the consent is remembered you can fetch the sessions there :slight_smile: If you expect some other behavior let us know!