Ladon unable to use persistence example

package main

import “
import manager “
import “
import (
_ “

func main() {
// The database manager expects a sqlx.DB object
// For MySQL, be sure to include parseTime=true in the connection string
// You can find all of the supported MySQL connection string options for the
// driver at:
db, err := sqlx.Open(“mysql”, “:@tcp(”)
// Or, if using postgres:
// import _ “
// db, err = sqlx.Open(“postgres”, “postgres://foo:bar@localhost/ladon”)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf(“Could not connect to database: %s”, err)

warden := &ladon.Ladon{
	Manager: manager.NewSQLManager(db, nil),


// You must call SQLManager.CreateSchemas(schema, table) before use
// to apply the necessary SQL migrations
// You can provide your own schema and table name or pass
// empty strings to use the default
n, err := warden.Manager.CreateSchemas("", "my-migration-table")
if err != nil {
	log.Fatalf("Failed to create schemas: %s", err)
log.Printf("applied %d migrations", n)

// ...


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