[Kratos] How to create new user without self-service registration for user management


I’ve been using this about 4 months, really enjoy using ORY Kratos as Login provider. This is a great tool!

Ok, I want to create a new user or identity without self-service registration on my user management. Well, for example, I have an identity or user with role as Administrator. This admin want to create a new user from user management page. I’ve read the API documentation and mentioned that we can create a new identity but it’s not possible to set the password https://www.ory.sh/kratos/docs/reference/api#create-an-identity.

This endpoint creates an identity. It is NOT possible to set an identity’s credentials (password, …) using this method! A way to achieve that will be introduced in the future.

I’ve tried to set registration flow config like this:


But yes, it should be redirected to the main page or home page if the user (admin) has logged in when the application access the initialize registration url (/self-service/browser/flows/registration).

I hope I can create a new identity from the API and set the credential’s password.

Have any ideas? Am I missed some steps from documentation.

Have you seen https://www.ory.sh/kratos/docs/admin/managing-users-identities ?

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Wow, this is fresh! Thank you very much. As I thought before, I’ve to using Account Recovery for inviting user via e-mail. Well, I’ll learn the documentation from your link.

I’m trying to looking for oryd/kratos docker image with tag/version 5 for use Create Recovery Link API endpoint (administrative) https://www.ory.sh/kratos/docs/reference/api#create-a-recovery-link. But it still v0.5.0-alpha.pre.0-sqlite for SQLite. I’m looking forward for the latest tag of kratos docker image :slight_smile:

Hey there, the release is now out - enjoy :slight_smile: