I've got an error on accept an login request

Before I’ve got this error, I encounter first CORS problem with my put request so I tried to add this on env

  • CORS_DEBUG=true
  • CORS_ALLOWED_HEADERS=Authorization,Accept,Accept-Language,Content-Language,Content-Type

And the CORS problem is gone. Now I have another problem. The return of my put request in accept and login request is an error.

error: “error”
error_debug: “EOF”
error_description: “The error is unrecognizable.”

btw, I’m using meteor http for requesting rest api

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

I’ve already figure it out. I forgot to add subject in my data. :sweat_smile: . Thanks btw.

My cors problem is solved. I have another problem. I can’t accept an login request, it says you are not allowed to perform this action.

An error occurred


The request is not allowed

No CSRF value available in the session cookie

Make sure the you’re not mixing up localhost and - the domain name of hydra must always be the same. Avoid incognito mode or anything that might remove cookies (e.g. an API gateway or a browser plugin)


hi @pabuaya34, do you have the solution for that CSRF issue?

I’ve just follow arekkas instruction on making sure that the hydra domain name is the same.

Hi, did you manage to solve the error? I’m getting the same msg.

Everything should be localhost instead of

I managed to get this same error when forgetting to include the JSON POST body for this specific API. I guess I would have expected the server to validate the presence of the subject key at least but fortunately I didn’t lose too much time on this issue!

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Could you please create an issue on GitHub Hydra for this? And add more details for a reproducible case!

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