Is it possible to remove Consent phase?

I start working with Hydra, and then I realize that we don’t need the consent phase since all Hydra clients will be our platforms.

can I trust at least a whitelist of clients to skip/automate the “consent” phase in the authentication process?

also, I have a question about the first step in the flow: the OAuth 2.0 Client initializes the Authorize Code Flow, and then craft a URL of ORY Hydra to redirect the user to it, and that URL is:

This redirection happens always and regardless of whether the user has a valid login session or if the user needs to authenticate

then talks with Login Provider and depends on what it replay.

my question is: since the redirection always happens, why I need to redirect the user to ORY Hydra instead of talking to the Login Provider in a directed way? moreover, if I redirect the user from OAuth2.0 client to a static page that talks to the Login Provider directly, does something like this will affect Hydra?

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Just skip showing the Consent UI in your app

what if the user doesn’t granted the access to the client? if I skip the consent I think this will affect Hydra, right?

Just accept the consent without showing the UI, that’s what I meant.

perfect! but what about the second question?

@Faares skipping the consent implies choosing a “default” consent type.

as explained here: