Introspection Authenticator with basic auth

Our introspection endpoint is protected with basic authentication.
Is it possible to configure a basic authentication to oauth2_introspection authenticator ?


What would you expect that to look like? Would Oathkeeper store the credentials?

Yes, it will be ideal if we can add a client_id and client_secret to the the configuration of oauth_introspection authenticator.
Every introspection request will get this client_id and secret added as basic auth header.

So there is oauth2_client_credentials which might do what you’re looking for. If not happy to explore other options :slight_smile:

oauth2_client_credentials does not work in this case, since the client is sending only the token as a bearer token. It is just that our introspection endpoint has a basic auth and currently no way to send the credentials from oathkeeper.

Regarding other options, Do you have any suggestions :smile:

Oh, I completely misread your opening post then! Sorry about the confusion! You can configure the introspection handler to handle pre-authorization (sending client_id and client_secret to the introspection endpoint)

    enabled: true
        enabled: true
        client_id: some_id
        client_secret: some_secret
          - introspect