If it is possible to re-consent and skip the login page?

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Providing a user has logged-in, If it is possible re-do the consent process ,that means keep the user login status and dont show the login page, just showing the consent page and making a authorization again to change a new access token to the user. If it is possible ?

Yes: https://www.ory.sh/docs/hydra/implementing-consent

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Thx your fast answer…

Additionally, there are several further questions:

1: According to the doc you given, Revoking the consent session wil meet the requiremnt, right ?

2: The purpose of re-consent is change the scope to the current user, I dont want user to select the scopes, I just set the properly scope to the user , Is this possible ?

3: Does this process support the PKCE?

Yes, yes, and yes :slight_smile:

HAHA , That is COOL framework .:clap:

I will start the work according the doc you give, and there might be some unknown question for you later…

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Sure, any time :slight_smile: