I noticed Kratos is alpha. Is it not ready for production?

There isn’t a discussion category here for it either, so just posting here.

Depends on your definition of “ready for production”:

  • The code is hardened and fully e2e tested, it will not panic nor crash nor behave otherwise in unexpected ways (unless a serious, serious bug is found)
  • The code “vetted” by various code analysis tools and years of experience from a team that brought you all the other secure and highly popular services!
  • You will however probably encounter smaller bugs that are usually easy to fix.
  • Some features are also not yet done (e.g. Account Recovery etc - check GitHub issues)
  • There will be breaking changes in APIs, configs, and maybe even some business logic / flows

More information: https://www.ory.sh/docs/ecosystem/versioning#maturity

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