Hydra Logout endpoint

I’m trying to make logout function

here is written that:
The URL query MUST contain an ID Token issued by ORY Hydra as the id_token_hint : /oauth2/sessions/logout?id_token_hint=...
where can I get id_token_hint?

It should be the id_token that was issued initially alongside the access/refresh tokens etc. This only works when you perform an OpenID Connect flow.


no I do not see it in response:
I’m fetching access token as:

result = session.fetch_access_token(
I’m getting:

{‘access_token’: ‘mG1Zam_UXGfmtz_dBHeQ9vs2kFSxW_XxF5FTsC1rUtU.y6llOpxD009xp9I9ykfJbISKiqz3Wl5EV0HbNbFK68Q’,
‘expires_in’: 3599,
‘scope’: ‘force-consent’,
‘token_type’: ‘bearer’,
‘expires_at’: 1571071119}

Earlier I created client as here:

docker-compose -f docker-compose-hydra.yml exec hydra
hydra clients create
–id my-client-6
–secret secret
–grant-types authorization_code,refresh_token
–response-types code,id_token
–scope force-consent