How to Rotate the System Secret

I am having what seems like a user error, but I am confused on how to do rotations of the system.secret.
I have read this: and have also looked at (which doesn’t seem like it applies anymore).

Specifically, if I start Hydra with the system.secret as “mysecret1”, how do I update it? Do I have to restart Hydra completely? Or, can I just update the environment variable to have both “mysecret2 mysecret1”

For more context, I am pulling in the Hydra v1.0.0 docker image and deploying it with Helm.
Let me know if I need to add more details.

At the moment you need a restart. In the future we will support config reloading. Reloading environment variables in a running process is physically impossible (well not really but it simply doesn’t work on linux nor windows)