How to do a full build of Keto?


First of all, thanks for this great family of projects!

How can I do a full build of keto? Running “make sdk” fails with several go.mod: checksum mismatch errors.

The background is: I would like to extend the ACP policy system by giving each Policy a layer-number (1,2,3,4). Higher-layer-policies can overrule lower-layer-policies so they become hierarchical. In my (successful) proof of concept the layer-number is put as option inside a dummy-condition, but I would like to have layer-number as an actual field of policy. This requires doing a full build.


Did you follow the install guide:


Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. Now I managed to do a full build.

Nb. The guide could be improved a little

  • make init is replaced by make sdk
  • Mention requirered tools: listx, goreturns, java, go-swagger

Nb2. It would be nice to have the whole build in a Dockerfile. I can share mine if you’re interested.


You don’t really need to run make sdk in order to build Keto, unless you’ve made changes to the APIs which would require that. All SDK source code is checked in!


Oh and one last thing - listx, goreturns, go-swagger will be auto-installed when you’re using go modules!


Cool! Thanks for your help arekkas