How to define kid in .well-known config?

Everytime I create a new client credentials on hydra, it serves a different auto generated kid in http://localhost:4444/.well-known/jwks.json endpoint.

Example: "kid":"public:ef5f012e-10bc-4b66-a88b-5fcde520dc1f"

Is it possible to define a constant kid like my-client-id using hydra clients create cli?

I’m currently using:

hydra clients create
      --endpoint http://idp:4445
      --id diary-users
      --name diary-users
      --secret secret
      --grant-types authorization_code,refresh_token
      --callbacks http://localhost:8000/oauth2/callback
      --response-types code,id_token
      --scope openid,offline
      --token-endpoint-auth-method client_secret_post

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