Finish auth grant flow, no frontend

I try to finish the grant flow communicating directly with hydra.
I had almost success meaning, I do following calls:

now the last redirect_to has a code as seen in the last request before receiving the auth cookie.
I have looked intensely into the code of the hydra_login_consent_node but couldn’t find any indication it responding to the callback uri (calling to the hydra admin client)

also the admin client couldn’t give me any insights on how this response comes to life.

I received the redirect to my callback uri endpoint and don’t know how to convert the code in the url.query to a full fledged authentication token is probably worth a read!

it appears the redirect_uri, the grant_type and the code is forced upon
if an access_token is requested.

the documentation insinuates otherwise.

thanks for the read

the last request call would be

  • POST http://:4444$hydraIP/oauth2/token
    returns access_token

(weird I can’t recall to mixed up ports and host anyways that ones for the format)