Facing issues with IE 11 for Hydra Login verifier api

After successful login, if I close the browser and relaunch the browser immediately, there is no need to login again using Chrome. But this fails on IE 11.
In case of relogin, IE 11 is making login verifier api request twice and login fails.
The first call is sent by IE 11 , but soon IE seems to be aborting the request without waiting for the response to come.
And then IE immediately sends another request which is identical the first request. The second request is expected to fail and it fails.

Has anyone faced a similar issue ? If yes, then it would be highly appreciated if someone could educate us how to get past this.

I’m sorry, I have no idea :frowning: Could it be connected to some JS funny stuff?

Thanks. This seems to be an IE 11 specific issue and not related to anything with hydra.

Ok thank you for letting us know! I guess we can’t really do anything then :confused: