Exposing more methods for finding policies


Hi, I’m trying to use Ladon to provide document-level authorization in a larger go system.

In my system, I need to be able to find all the subjects that have access to a given resource.

In order to get that, it would be helpful for me to have more nuanced methods for finding policies - in particular I’d like to expose in the Manager interface an explicit method for FindPoliciesForResource.

This seems like something that I can easily implement and contribute back to Ladon, is that something that seems interesting to Ladon in general?
Or am I missing something obvious, and maybe I should do this differently?

Thank you!



Hi there, sorry for the late reply. For some reason, notifications don’t make it to my inbox any more. I’ll investigate why that happens.

Exposing more functions for finding policies is something worth investigating. Feel free to open an issue with ideas in the repo!


Thank you!

I have created https://github.com/ory/ladon/issues/119 - let me know if you feel it’s too narrow.