Error handler config is always invalid

How is one meant to configure error handlers in the global config, no matter what I try oathkeeper claims that the config is invalid?

As far as I can tell this:

      level: debug
          enabled: true
            verbose: false

is in line with instructions given here but oathkeeper refuses to accept it nor any other version or placement of errors that I can think of. At startup oathkeeper always returns

level=fatal msg=“The configuration is invalid and could not be loaded.” error=“additional property errors is not allowed” validation_error[0]="(root): Additional property errors is not allowed"

How is this config supposed to look?

On a side note, I’d also like to know if it’s possible to mute the error details that oathkeeper returns? I would like to be able to just return a status code and no accompanying body.

Make sure you’re using the correct oathkeeper version

Updating the version does indeed resolve this. I was using the latest version of the Helm chart, which runs v0.32.0-beta.1, but that is apparently too old.