Does hydra support "request object endpoint"?


In FAPI(, There a “Request Object Endpoint” for registing request object and return a request_uri.
Does hydra has a alternate function?.


Yes, supported


Thank you. It’s very helpful.
But I cann’t found it in API documents. Where is it’s reference.



It’s not documented at the moment, but it works according to spec and is OpenID certified.


Thank you.

I try to read the source and I found the code to implement request_uri.
Maybe I have missed something. I cann’t found the service endpoint to apply request object registation.
I think it is important to specify request_uri as a URN but URL, for some security reason.

Sorry for my poor English.


We implement the Dynamic Client Registration spec, this is where you set up the URLs allowed for this.


Thanks for your replay.
I understand what is it.