Disable or limit hydra logging


We just found that our hydra_oauth2_access table was huge at 9 million records. Is there any way to
a) set a expiry date on logs
b) turn off logging (currently our oauth2 is all interanle between our apps so I don’t really see a point in logging at the moment)
c) set a max logs to keep

if not we will stick with a cron task to delete old entries.


That table is not for logging but your access tokens. You can use the /oauth2/flush endpoint to remove expired Tokens.


That is very good thanks.


I have upgraded to 1.0.0 beta 9
/oauth2/flush responds with status=404 Why is that?

INFO[0010] started handling request                      method=POST remote=“” request=/oauth2/flush
INFO[0010] completed handling request                    measure#https://localhost.dhamma.org.au:4444/.latency=48546 method=POST remote=“” reque
st=/oauth2/flush status=404 text_status=“Not Found” took=“48.546µs”


wrong port, it’s 4445