CSRF Problems after restart Kratos

Hi all,
We are having problem with kratos after restart. Everytime after we restart kratos, submitting login form results error: csrf token is missing or invalid. When we inspect cookie in browser settings, we found that we have 2 csrf token in cookies, one for path / (new one) and one for .ory/kratos/public (old one). We think that kratos is receiving the old one instead of new one. After we clear cookie, everything is fine.
Is the any solution for that case ? We cannot inform user clear cookie everytime we change config.
We use Kratos’s latest verion
Many thanks,

Hm that’s interesting, there shouldn’t actually be two paths. Could you create an issue please? And please also confirm (after deleting cookies) that this still happens!

I will create an issue, but right now i cant provide a way to produce the problem consistency