Credentials Issuers headers in judge endpoint


Does anyone knows if there are any plans for including credential issuer headers in the /judge response?

We’re trying oathkeeper in api mode with ambassador inside k8s, and we need to pass down introspection info via headers to our backends, in order to replace legacy api manager tools with ambassador+hydra/oathkeeper/keto. To do so, keeper’s /judge endpoint responses should include credential issuer headers.

Integrating ambassador/envoy with hydra/oathkeeper/keto would be simpler and faster this way… I’m trying to avoid writing a custom app to do introspection and header processing as it would mean to call oathkeeper anyway.

It would be possible to extend /judge functionality in the near future?



yup, feel free to create an issue/PR


Already did in PR#120, and seems to work fine :smiley: !