Creates a new OAuth 2.0 client - Ubunthu

Hi ,
I am going through ory hydra
5 mins tutorial, I am very new to this . will you please guide how to invoke OAuth 2.0 client.
I tried the below docker command

Creates a new OAuth 2.0 client

$ docker-compose -f quickstart.yml exec hydra
hydra clients create
–id my-client
–secret secret
-g client_credentials

But i am getting error like
Config file not found because “Config File “.hydra” Not Found in “[/]””
You should not provide secrets using command line flags, the secret might leak to bash history and similar systems
Unable to execute request: [POST /clients][409] createOAuth2ClientConflict &{Code:0 Debug: Hint: Name:0xc000574010}

I understood that i need hide secret key.
Guys please help me how to create new OAuth 2.0 client and my server is already running.

Thanks and Regards