Can Hydra realized that flow?

I want to conveniently manage my API clients.

I now have a service that can issue a JWT token, encrypted with a public key. The client that received this token makes a request to the application, and the application already validates the token itself.

The hydra documentation says that it is not recommended to work with JWT tokens, and it is better to look towards oathkeeper.

Then 2 questions arise

  1. Will oathkeeper be able to issue JWT tokens, or should the logic for issuing tokens lie on Hydra?
  2. Is it possible to create clients using Kratos, give them details to receive a token, or do you need to write your own client manager for oathkeeper.

Yes, ORY Oathkeeper can issue JWTs! So with Kratos this would not work for programmatic clients, more for users, but if you want you can use e.g. OAuth2 Client Credentials in combination with ORY Hydra to achieve this!