Approval_prompt in hydra

Hi all,

how is the additional url parameter “approval_prompt=force” handled in the /oauth2/auth endpoint? This parameter indicates that the consent dialog should be shown in any case (see How could I get a hand on that value in the consent app? Couldn’t find any info…

That flag/argument is Google-specific and is never mentioned in any of the specs. A similar flag exists for OpenID Connect which is prompt=consent and will be fully supported with ORY Hydra 1.0.0

I was surprised it is implemented in the golang oauth2 client, but I could not find it in the specs. Anyhow, it might be nice to be able to pass some information from the client to the consent app, what would you recommend in order to do that? One could use special user defined scopes as “flags” in the process, but this seems like a misuse of scopes to me.

Sorry, I missed the notification on this thread.

My recommendation is to wait for this feature to land in 1.0.0 and then use that as it will be certified and standardised and thus safe to use and not hacky!