5-min tutorial fails

I’m on macOS Catalina and getting this error when I run the following command:

~/D/hydra > docker-compose -f quickstart.yml exec hydra \
                hydra clients create \
                --endpoint \
                --id my-client \
                --secret secret \
                -g client_credentials
failed to create runc console socket: mkdir /tmp/pty296848677: permission denied: unknown

Maybe just retry it another time? Looks like an issue with your system? Maybe out of disk space?

I tried again and getting the same message. I have 87 GB free and Docker resources say Disk image size: 48 GB (29 GB used).

I’ve had issues with Catalina causing some programs to break because of increased permissions set by the OS. Could that be the case?

Hm, that could be possible. /tmp should be writeable for all processes I believe?

That was it! Not sure how that happened.

Thanks for your help!

Glad I was able to help!