404 when getting login requests using admin api

I’m getting a 404 when calling login

time=“2020-02-19T22:13:19Z” level=info msg=“started handling request” method=GET remote=“” request=/oauth2/auth/requests/login/[REDACTED] request_id=bddeae65-a5f9-4a86-8621-5757e7610bb6

{"error":"Error 404 - The requested route does not exist. Make sure you are using the right path, domain, and port."}

Is this problem due to something with hostnames or what is up here. I’m running under Kubernetes with Istio

You’re probably trying to access that url at the public port. Probably a config mixup

Strange, I’ve explicitly included 4445 in the port and I’m using the hydra-admin Kubernetes service included in the official helm chart.

Right, it should be „login?request=…“

Did this change in a recent version but this code worked fine in test?

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This was changed, but probably a year ago or even more.

Thanks for the help. If was confused as I had used typehydra in conjunction with the latest-tagged version of hydra from Dockerhub.

Switching to generating the client from swagger.

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